My Life in Kalayaan Residence Hall.

It was practically no secret that I’d be going to UP Diliman alone. Everyone else studying in Manila was either going to AdMU or DLSU. I took it as a chance to start anew. After all, I had been in the same school for thirteen years, and I decided that I wanted something different – somewhere not run by a religious order.

I remember the time I arrived to check-in to Kalayaan Residence Hall. I was lucky to have been given a slot, as I was wait-listed until the end of April. This particular dormitory is exclusive for freshmean, which means that I’d probably be able to understand and mingle with them as they were about my age. I was given the room nearest to the door, a few steps away from the bathrooms. My roommate hadn’t arrived yet, as her side of her room was clean and empty.

I remember my first meal at the dorm. It was beef (?) with brown sauce. I told myself I had to get used to food like these. It was… manageable, though… enough to fill me up.

I also remember telling myself that I didn’t have to participate in the dorm activities. I could go to class, come back, lock myself up, and study. Was I able to do this?

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My Right Lateral Malleolus

Those who know me are already familiar with this particular story, but I want to let it out once and for all to give me some closure.

When I woke up on 28 February 2011, it was just like any other Monday. Or so I thought. It did start out like any other school day – I had my breakfast, took a bath, changed, got into the car and rode off towards campus.

However, it had been raining the night before – not uncommon in my place. But I’ve gone to school when it was raining, right? Of course. I mean, I live in a tropical country. The only seasons here are wet and dry. Though because of global warming, the seasons seem to be wet and wetter.

When I got to the school, my driver brought me out of the car, bringing with him an umbrella. Once I got to covered ground, he left me there and I started walking towards the gates. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground and my right ankle was throbbing in pain. People asked me how I fell, but I honestly do not remember.

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